New Business Ventures & Project Development

Pellerano Nadal offers services in all areas related to developing a new business venture or project in the country, including the business strategy, operating procedures and business development, while identifying key public and private stakeholders in particular industries. From structuring the corresponding corporate vehicle, to hiring employees, structuring its equity investments and cash inflows, to negotiating and executing credit operations to finance its operations or growth. We assist all clients participating in complex transactions involved in commercial activities, such as purchase and sale of properties or of commercial operations, corporate mergers, joint ventures, construction contracts, as well as secured and unsecured lending. We represent companies, lenders and investors, and we work tirelessly with all parties involved to develop innovative structures that best reflect the transactions negotiated by the parties and that also are the most secure to execute and deliver.

We also support local companies and investors looking to expand their businesses and projects outside of the country, by following them into other markets with the assistance of our global connections.